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Add, Change, Remove Hyperlink / Email Link in Writer

This short tutorial will explain how to add, change, remove hyperlink and email link to any text in LibreOffice Writer.

When you are creating any document for any purpose, it is needed to insert hyperlink to any web address Or add any email address for communication purpose to make a point about the content of the document. Adding hyperlink and email link is very straight forward and easy to use in Writer. Here’s how you can do it.

Steps To Create Hyperlink In Writer

  • Open the LibreOffice Writer document.
  • Select the word or text where you want to make hyperlink.
  • Press Ctrl+K or from Menu click Insert > Hyperlink.
Create Hyperlink - Writer
Create Hyperlink – Writer


  • In the Hyperlink window, select Internet in the left side and enter URL under Hyperlink Type > Web.
    Press Ok.
Hyperlink Window - Writer
Hyperlink Window – Writer
  • Now you can see your selected text is converted to a hyperlinked text.
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Hyperlink Created
Hyperlink Created
  • To test, you can hold down CTRL key from keyboard and click to follow the hyperlink.

Steps to Add Email Link

  • Select the text where you want to place email link.
  • Open the hyperlink window by pressing CTRL+K as explained above.
Email Link
Email Link
  • In the hyperlink window, on the left side select Mail.
  • Enter the email address under Recipient by mentioning mail to URL as – (this is a sample email address – use your own below keeping ‘mailto:’ unchanged):
Email Link Window
Email Link Window
  • Press Ok.
  • Now your selected text will have email to link and upon CTRL+clicking the default Email application would open for sending emails.
Email Link Created
Email Link Created

Modifying the Hyperlink

To change the hyperlink, you can select the text/right click on the text where you have added the hyperlink to open the context menu. In the context menu you can find Edit Hyperlink option which opes the same window of Hyperlink. You can now modify and press ok.

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Modifying Hyperlinks
Modifying Hyperlinks

Removing the Hyperlink

Also you can right click on the hyperlink to open the context menu where you can find options of changing removing the hyperlinks (see fig above).


This is how you can create, modify and remove hyperlink in LibreOffice Writer with simple steps.

If you have any questions drop a comment below.

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