LibreOffice Calc Tutorials

This page contains all the articles of LibreOffice Calc grouped based on the learning curve.


Work Area: List of articles describing the very basics of Calc and helps to understands the work area of Calc.

Workbook: Concept of workbook, how to save Calc file formats to Microsoft Excel formats, view multiple workbook together.

Worksheet: Add, Insert, Delete, Copy, Move, Rename a Worksheet, Split, Zoom, Freeze a worksheet

Format Cells: Formatting a cell value to multiple ways, data and time, currency, fractions, text to numbers, numbers to text.

Find and Replace: Basics, find, replace, replace all, deleting blank rows.

Templates: How to use templates in LibreOffice Calc with example.

Data Validations: How to do basic data validation while accepting input in Calc cells.

Functions: ….

Data Analysis: ….

Advanced and Misc

LibreOffice Calc – Supported File Formats

Maximum Number of Rows, Columns, Cells in LibreOffice Calc