Create Stylish TextArt using Fontwork in LibreOffice

Creating artistic text or stylish text is very easy in LibreOffice. It is more often needed than you think if you are a student doing a school project or a designer. This is how you can create Stylish TextArt using Fontwork in LibreOffice

Steps: Create Stylish TextArt in LibreOffice

  • Open LibreOffice (e.g. Draw or Writer)
  • From the menu, click Insert -> Fontwork. Keyboard shortcut ALT+I+F. Or click the FontWork icon from the standard toolbar.
Fontwork in Draw
Fontwork in Draw
  • If you are using the new LibreOffice tabbed interface, you can find the FontWork option in the Insert tab.
  • This would bring up below window showing available designs of stylish text.
Font styles
Font styles
  • Select your choice and click OK. You would see your text on the canvas.
  • Now edit the text (press F2) and change as per your need.
  • You can also change the color and other properties of the text from the right sidebar.
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Create stylish text in Draw
Create stylish text in Draw

This is how you can create a stylish text (aka Wordart or TextArt) in LibreOffice.

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