How to Crop Image in LibreOffice Impress

A basic tutorial on how to crop image in LibreOffice Impress.

While creating presentations you might be using different images, clip arts from internet to represent your presentation content. When inserting images to your Impress slide it might need to be resized/cropped. This is how you can crop a simple image in LibreOffice Impress.


  • Open LibreOffice Impress and an empty slide.
  • From menu click Insert > Image and select an image.
Insert Image

Insert Image


  • Right click on the image and click Crop.
Crop Menu

Crop Menu

  • Once you do that, you would see red outlines over the image. Hover your mouse and drag to select the cropped rectangle.


  • Once the crop size if okay for you, press ENTER.
  • After you pressed ENTER, you would see the image cropped to the selected regions.


Now if you want to remove the crop and go back to the original image you have to keep on pressing CTRL+Z i.e. Undo.

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This is the most basic way you can crop an image in LibreOffice Impress.

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