Data Validation Using DropDown List – LibreOffice Calc

This tutorial would show how to use a basic range based data validation in LibreOffice Calc using a drop down list.

While accepting data in a Calc sheet, it is possible to provide the user a choice of items in a form of a drop-down list. Users can select the desired value from the drop-down instead of custom text. This eliminates the possibility of error, duplicate in the data entry/collection process.

Let’s look at how this can be done using an example.

Data Validation using Dropdown

Say, we want users to select their favorite fruits in cell B1 from a list of fruits which is F1:F4.

Data Validation from List - Source
Data Validation from List – Source

Select cell B1 and from the menu select Data -> Validity.

In the Validity window, Criteria tab, select “Cell Range” against Allow field.

Check Show selection list and un-check allow empty cells.

In the source field, click the small Shrink button at the right and select the F1:F4 range.

Validity Settings
Validity Settings
Select Range as Source
Select Range as Source

Press Ok.


In cell B1, you can see a small down-arrow button. Click the button and the drop-down would show the list of values from the source range.

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Now, you can select a value from the drop-down list.

Data Validation - List
Data Validation – List

If the user wants to type a different value in cell B1, the data validation would give an error by default saying it is an invalid value.

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6 thoughts on “Data Validation Using DropDown List – LibreOffice Calc

  1. I want to use a dynamic list in the pick list that changes as data is added to the list but I need to eliminate duplicates in the list. ow do I dynamically remove the entries in the drop down list. Is there a formula that will achieve this?

  2. Want to be able to specify a default value in the cell that is validated (eg if different VAT rates are available 0% 6% 12% 25% – the 25% as default value)

  3. In LO 6.1.5, if I used ALT-DownArrow in a constrained cell to show the drop-down list, I could then use the arrow keys to navigate to the desired value and press ENTER to select it. I’ve just upgraded to 6.3.5 and now as soon as I use an arrow key to change the current value it is auto-selected. Do you know if this was an intended change in behaviour, or a bug? If intended, is there a way of reverting to the previous behaviour, as the new behaviour is really annoying.

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