How can we generate a block of random text in LibreOffice Writer? In this tutorial I will show you how.

It is often needed to generate random block of text for various purposes e.g. checking fonts, paragraphs and styles etc.

Though you can always use your own text for your needs. However, LibreOffice Writer provides a way to generate a block of random texts with a simple way.

Generate Random/Dummy Text in LibreOffice Writer

Follow below steps:

  • Open a blank document in Writer.
  • Type this text: dt


  • Then press function key F3. Once pressed, you can see below block of dummy text automatically displayed in writer. Now you can use this auto generated text for your needs.
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Dummy Text -LibreOffice Writer
Dummy Text -LibreOffice Writer

Tip: You can also create this using Menu: Tools -> AutoText; Standard -> Dummy Text.

So, this is how you can generate dummy text in Writer. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions down below.

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