How Insert and Use Images in LibreOffice Writer

By | August 12, 2018

This beginners tutorial will demonstrate how to insert and use images in LibreOffice Writer.

Images are important when your are preparing any documents and it gives the necessary importance to the purpose of the document.

Inserting images and using them is very simple in LibreOffice Writer. Here’s how you can do it

Inserting an image in Writer

  • Put the cursor at the position where you would like to insert the image in Writer page.
  • From menu, choose Insert – Image. A dialog would open to choose the image. Select the image and press open.
Writer Menu - Insert - Image

Writer Menu – Insert – Image

The image would be inserted in the cursor position of the writer document.

After Image Insert - Writer

After Image Insert – Writer

Types of images supported by Writer

Below are the list of image file types supported by LibreOffice Writer:

BMP – Windows Bitmap
DXF – AutoCAD Interchange Format
EMF – Enhanced Merafile
EPS – Encapsulated Postscript
GIF – Graphics Interchange FOrmat
JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group
MET – OS/2 Metafile
MOV – QuickTime File Format
PBM – Portable Bitmap
PCT – Mac Pict
PCX – Zsoft Paintbrush
PDF – Portable Document Format
PGM – Portable Graymap
PNG – POrtable NEtwork Graphic
PPM – Portable Pixelmap
PSD – Adobe Photoshop
RAS – Sun Raster Image
SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics
SVM – StarView Metafile
TGA – Truevision Targa
TIFF – Tagged Image File Format
WMF – Windows Metafile
XBM – X Bitmap
XPM – X Pixmap

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Video Tutorial

You can also watch the video tutorial on how to insert images in LibreOffice Writer.

Direct YouTube Link:


This is how you can insert images in Writer document.


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