How to Save the Last Cursor Position in LibreOffice Writer

This tutorial would help you tweak some settings of Writer to save the last cursor position.

If you are an author, writer – you maybe writing long documents over the time and when the document is beginning to becomes huge, it is sometimes helpful to have the cursor position saved and close the document. So that you can come back to the position later on and resume your work.

Unfortunately, this is not enabled by default in Writer. Here’s how you can save the cursor position.

Steps to Save the Last Cursor Position in Writer

  • Open the document for which you want to enable the settings.
  • Press Alt+F12 Or click from menu Tools > Options
  • In the options window, under LibreOffice, click user data. And enter your first name in first text box.

  • Press OK.
  • From menu, click, File > Properties.
  • In the properties window, check Apply User Data and click Reset Properties. [Reset properties will remove the created, modified fields of the current document.]

  • Save the document after putting the mouse cursor where you want it to be next time.
  • Close the document.
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Now, open the document and you can see the cursor at the last saved position.


This is how you can enable Writer to save the last cursor position in LibreOffice Writer. However, please note that you have to do it for each document if you want this result. There is no global option I found which can set this in the LibreOffice Writer profile.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions.

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