Create Running Total Column in LibreOffice Calc

This short tutorial will explain how to create running total column in LibreOffice Calc.

Running total is a concept of summing data items from the beginning to till current stage. Running total can provide you glimpse of total values as the data sets grows. It mostly useful for may use cases, e.g. to track the total sales value till date, to track current account balance considering withdrawal and deposits and so on.

Running Total - Calc
Running Total – Calc

It is very easy to implement in LibreOffice Calc. Here’s how you can do it.

Create Running Total Column in Calc

  • We have a data series as below where B column is having total sales $ with dates. We would create running total per day in Column C.
Running Total - Data Sets
Running Total – Data Sets
  • In cell C2 enter formula =B2. This would ensure that first value remains as the same value of B2.
  • In cell C3, enter below formula and press enter. Drag the fill handle till your data sets exists. $B$2 is the absolute reference which means it always refers to cell B2 even if formula changes when we drag the fill handle. B3 refers to relative reference, i.e. it changes as per current row number.


  • You can see the running total is calculated.
Running Total in Calc
Running Total in Calc



This is how you can implement quick running total in Calc. You can extend this formula in different cases to achieve running total.

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